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Do Any Of Theses Questions Fit You?

This information is designed for Unusual Income and High Net Worth earners that have a problem obtaining proper levels of insurance through traditional group and individual carriers.

  1. Have you been denied traditional disability insurance due to your health history?
  2. You insure your material possessions – cars, homes, jewelry, etc – Have you properly, adequately ensured your most valuable asset – Your ability to work and earn income?
  3. Do you have adequate supplemental income protection?
  4. Is a Tiered Approach to your Financial Planning best for your situation?
  5. Executives: Do you have a plan in place to replace the 25% of your LTD Benefits that Uncle Sam takes?
  6. Physicians, Surgeons, Chiropractors: Are you properly insured to provide sufficient income protection against disablement, perils of disability and premature termination of a successful career?  Inflation?
  7. Dentists: Have you been told you will have to be in practice for a year before you can get a personal policy?  Do you have adequate Business Coverage?
  8. Entertainment Industry: Do you work in the Movie, Music, or Television Industry?  Are you adequately covered if you become ill, injured or disabled?
  9. Entertainment Industry: Does months of unemployment between jobs, royalty income, disability, seven figure income impact you from obtaining adequate insurance protection?
  10. Brokers and Traders: Do you work in a specialty occupation like Stock Traders, Commodity Brokers?  Are you adequately financially protected to continue paying your mortgage, utilities, food, clothing, educational costs and maintaining your lifestyle?
  11. Would you be interested in learning about custom solutions to your health related issues like Mental / Psychiatric Disorders?  Has Unusual Income and High Net Worth, “too much” Unearned Income or Income reported through Capital Gains affecting your ability to get insurance?
  12. Did you know REGARDLESS OF INCOME, most people cannot make ends meet on less than 65% of their income.  Therefore, the higher the income, the lower the percentage of income covered!
  13. Special Situations: Are you in a Special Situation like Working Overseas, Family Business, War Zone, etc that may create a need for special protection and financial coverage?
  14. Special Vocations: Are you in a Special Vocation like Amateur Racing, Demolition Derby, Scuba Diving, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Sky Diving, Base Jumping, Helicopter Skiing that may create a need for special protection and financial coverage?
  15. Judges and Lawyers: Are you a Trial Attorney, Business or Civil Attorney or a Judge?  Do you have sufficient coverage in case a disability, injury or illness prevents you from working?
  16. Pilots: Has not meeting the minimum health requirements, injury or sickness caused you to lose your license?  Are you adequately protected against such loss whether it be temporary or permanent which may affect the loss of future earnings?
  17. Will you be able to continue your standard of living despite a disability accident or sickness, recurrent disability, transplant, etc?
  18. Are you an executive of a publicly traded company whose compensation package is heavily weighted toward stock options? Do you have a financial compensation protection plan that will supplement you if you have a career ending disability, injury or illness?
  19. Is your Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (401k, Profit Sharing, SEP-IRA, or Keogh Plan) protected from disability, injury, illness or other interruptions that may impact your retirement goals?
  20. Your income is sure to increase dramatically as you begin to practice, but consider the consequences if you become disabled before you reached your maximum earning potential.
  21. Are you adequately financially protected if a disability occurs resulting in the inability to return to work?
  22. Business Owner: * Does your business, particularly have a financial strategy to cover the loss of a business owner’s expertise, talents, prestige, leadership if she / he withdraws from the company due to retirement, personal reasons or death?  Are you adequately prepared to handle the challenge of a forced buy-out due to a disability?  Did you know that small businesses exceed the labor force of big business!
  23. Is your company covered if the owner becomes permanently, totally disabled?
  24. What is your solution to prevent your successful business from experiencing severe financial hardships especially caused from illness, accident, injury or disability?  What cash-flow plan exists for your common monthly ongoing expenses?
  25. How important are profitability, productivity, customer relations, employee morale and overall effectiveness to the impact of your bottom line?
  26. Do you know the difference between Buy – In and Buy – Sell Insurance and the impact on your business?  Are you a young professional buying into a practice, a key employee buying into a practice?  If you were to become disabled during the next 5 years, you may risk equity you have been paying for by way of salary deduction.  Are you well prepared for such a dilemma?  Is there protection if one party’s inability to fulfill the terms of the contract causes the other party a huge financial loss of salary, benefits and bonus opportunities?
  27. Is your business financially protected against mergers, acquisitions and re-organizations?  Are your White Collar, Blue Collar or Gray Collar employees’ severance arrangements adequately covered to minimize liabilities and chances of future lawsuits surrounding terminations?
  28. Do you have financial protection that covers income of employees and the company?
  29. Are your loans customized and tailored to the stipulations of the loan?
  30. What protection does your Student Athlete have against Loss of Future Earnings due to Permanent Total Disablement that would result in a career ending disability?
  31. As a Professional Jockey, Driver or Trainer, your risk is very high.  Are your temporary and permanent benefits adequate in case of short - term, long - term or a permanent health situation?  
  32. As a Golf Towing Pro, Club Pro or Teaching Pro, you face countless possible injuries as well as illnesses that can create the inability to earn a living.  Are you adequately financially covered for temporary or permanent loss and future losses?
  33. Race Car Driver:  Are you properly financially protected against injury, illness and permanent disability 24 hours while practicing and Racing?
  34. Are you covered with a Major Medical Plan if misfortune occurs during your international travels?  Are you a Non USA Citizen, a Resident Alien in the USA, a Missionary, a Student Traveling Abroad, a Foreign Exchange Student, a Reporter, traveling on Business Assignments, Etc?  Are you at risk of loss of future income for your family?
  35. Are you, your family and your business financially protected throughout your international travels?
  36. Do you participate in or with Extreme Sports, Firearms, Fires, Private Piloting, Traffic Accidents, Etc.  Are you sufficiently covered and financially protected against Accidental Death and Dismemberment?
  37. Are your expenses covered for Short-Term Illnesses or Injury that include hospital expenses, physician services, skilled nursing facilities, home health care, ambulance services, prescription drugs, accidental death?  There are many recreational and non professional sports, hazardous sports and activities that need special financial coverage, ie, Fencing, Hot Ballooning, Jet Boating, Etc.  Who has you adequately covered?
  38. Are you or your business likely to experience Kidnapping, Extortion, Detention or Hijacking?
  39. Does your medical plan reimburse you for eligible expenses from injuries from one month up to three years?

*Business Owner: Questions 22-28